A fun “non-church” worship service program to witness and introduce youth to Christ.

Since HUB volunteers began mentoring youth, it was our prayer and desire to find a more direct way to reach these kids for Christ, the only One who can truly transform their lives, and encourage them toward a path of success in life.

This prayer was answered in 2017 when HUB collaborated with local youth pastors to help HUB start a fun Christ teaching after-school program focused on youth who have no connection with a church or youth group, and do not see church as relevant to their lives.

On Thursday night, May 11, 2017, 22 adult mentors, youth pastors and workers, along with 23 students attended the launch of HUB’s Priority One newly-formed after-school program and ministry, FOCUS.

God orchestrated a lot of kingdom connections among His people in Habersham County to make this launch happen. This ongoing program that meets once a month, on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at the Boys & Girls Club Gym to help meet needs of youth while teaching them about Jesus.


Teach 1 to Lead 1

A powerful character and
leadership building program that
will transform youth.


A fun “non-church” worship service
program to witness and introduce
youth to Christ.


Help by becoming a Mentor

Our trained volunteers impact the lives of kids every day

Help by Donating

Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of kids every day


We believe you, as a concerned citizen of Habersham county, are interested in seeing the young people of our county not only succeed in graduating from high school but also to further their education and becoming productive
citizens within the work force and future leaders in our community. That is the goal of our T1L1 and FOCUS programs.
We need your help to keep the T1L1 and FOCUS programs in place and to expand them to reach more and more students in Habersham County.
Please prayerfully consider donating to HUB. Of course your generous donation is tax deductible and will help support
the needy youth of Habersham County.
We also ask that you consider becoming a mentor to directly and positively impact the lives of these students.