According to Superintendent Mathew Cooper, there are over 600 students facing challenges that may prevent them graduating in Habersham County!

Many because of poverty, abuse, single parenting… from NOT having the support they need.

Teach One to Lead One in Habersham County


The HUB of Habersham is a local non-profit organization that seeks to end youth isolation by connecting young people with mentors, peers, and Jesus Christ so they can experience transformation, peace, and joy.

Through our trained leadership, HUB recruits, develops, empowers, and mobilizes passionate and committed volunteers to support and serve local organizations and ministries.

HUB developed a partnership with Celebrate Life International, Inc. in 2014 to start the nationally recognized Teach One to Lead One Program (T1L1) in Habersham County. Beginning with the Habersham Success Academy, the program spread to the Alternative Program and all three district middle schools. Each of these programs continues to serve students every year.

During the 2021-2022 school year, HUB partnered with Demorest Elementary to launch the first Elementary level T1L1 program. In the fall of 2023, new T1L1 programs were started at both Woodville Elementary and the Habersham Ninth Grade Academy.

HUB now supports eight T1L1 programs in Habersham County Schools and, because of the expressed need, aims to add new schools each year with the goal of serving as many Habersham youth as possible.


The HUB of Habersham Mentoring Model


  1. HUB’s T1L1 Mentors are recruited both formally and informally through campaigns and word of mouth via churches, community organizations, schools, and neighborhoods.
  2. Those interested in mentoring with HUB are thoroughly vetted through a conversation, interview, application, and background check.
  3. Once approved, potential mentors are provided with T1L1 training that includes Darkness to Light and Stewards of Children modules along with curriculum- and student-specific preparation.
  4. Mentors are then matched with others in existing or new four-member mentor teams designated to serve students in one of our school-based T1L1 programs.
  5. HUB provides ongoing support and continued mentor development throughout the year.

Teach One to Lead One (T1L1)

Teach One to Lead One is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

Certified mentor teams from the local community partner with public schools, juvenile courts, and other youth-oriented groups to deliver a curriculum-based program that helps a generation of K-12 students solve the challenges they face. T1L1 provides measurable outcomes that improve attitudes, academics, and attendance at school. Most of all, T1L1 mentors offer hope for students (Celebrate Life International, Inc. T1L1 Mentors, 2023).

The T1L1 curriculum is centered around 10 Universal Principles essential for students to move forward in their personal, academic, and professional lives. The T1L1 program also supports well-rounded growth in self and social awareness. focusing on strengthening students’ courage and humility while allowing them to give back with a valuable readiness for respect and compassion (Celebrate Life International, Inc. T1L1 Programs, 2023).


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Teach 1 to Lead 1

A powerful character and
leadership building program that
will transform youth.


A fun “non-church” worship service
program to witness and introduce
youth to Christ.


Help by becoming a Mentor

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We believe you, as a concerned citizen of Habersham county, are interested in seeing the young people of our county not only succeed in graduating from high school but also to further their education and becoming productive
citizens within the work force and future leaders in our community. That is the goal of our T1L1 and FOCUS programs.
We need your help to keep the T1L1 and FOCUS programs in place and to expand them to reach more and more students in Habersham County.
Please prayerfully consider donating to HUB. Of course your generous donation is tax deductible and will help support
the needy youth of Habersham County.
We also ask that you consider becoming a mentor to directly and positively impact the lives of these students.